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Tips for MBA admission abroad

Tips for MBA admission abroad

If you want to get into the corporate world or establish as a business tycoon, MBA is the first step towards it. While India provides various MBA programs in some of the top colleges that also give great placements but one might be interested in making it large by doing their MBA abroad and return with a degree that can make them unstoppable. To start with, one must know that GMAT and GRE are two of the entrance exams whose scores are accepted abroad and one must appear for either of the two to accomplish their goal of doing their MBA abroad.

Requirements for applying in MBA abroad:

Academic requirements:

The very first criterion is that the individual must be a graduate. The graduation degree might be of B Tech, BE, B Comm., B Sc., B A. or any other equivalent degree is acceptable. The individual can also complete Masters or even PhD before applying for MBA abroad. A full time degree course is much more acceptable; however, some colleges also accept distant courses. The very first documents that they would be considering of an individual are their academic reports. So it is advisable to maintain a good CGPA in graduation.

Work experience requirements:

Most of the people, who want to complete their MBA abroad, choose to work for a few years and gather experience and then apply for the same. Most of the reputed colleges look for students with work experience. Students who have experience in managerial roles and not only junior roles are much more preferable. Abroad, MBA is not only about technical knowledge; it is more about practical knowledge so they always prefer students with work experience. Very rare colleges are interested in giving admission to freshers.

MBA application procedure:

MBA applications are very time consuming and require enough knowledge and preparation to be done. The people going through the applications will try to judge the individual and know about him through his writing style and the answers that he has given in the application. It consists of:

General information:

This field would be an easier one. You just require filling your personal details such as name, age, languages known, GPA etc. If your marks are in percentage then they need to be converted into GPA and then entered.

MBA essays:

As previously said, the admission committee would want to know more about you through your writing style. They want to know an individual beyond their scored and GPA. They might provide you with word limit or keep it open-ended. They might want to know about your strengths, weaknesses, previous experiences, future goals and so on. You need to be very careful about what you write; the answers must be very practical and clear. You need to be careful with the language too.


Recommendations play a very important role in your admission. The admission committee might be interested in knowing you better through a recommender who knows you well professionally. You can provide different recommenders for different applications as it can be disturbing for the recommenders to get frequent calls and to respond to all of them.

Entrance exams for MBA abroad:

This section is of primary importance. It gets attention for all the right reasons. There are two kinds of entrance exams that one needs to appear in for doing an MBA abroad. The first one is business aptitude test to test your ability to proceed with the course and the other one is the English language test to test one’s language proficiency as it would be the medium of communication in the B school as well as the corporate world.

Business Aptitude Test:

There are two aptitude tests GRE as well as GMAT. GRE is more popular among MS applicants and GMAT among the management applicants but now GRE scores are being accepted by many MBA universities.

Language Test:

The most popular exams in this section are TOEFL and IELTS. They have dedicated section to test reading, writing, speaking and listening ability of an individual.

MBA interviews:

This is the final hurdle in getting into an MBA university abroad. They are invited interviews. Based on your performance in all of the above tests and procedures, the admission committee decides whether you stand a chance to give the interview or not. You might expect questions on your past experiences, goals and situational based. Prepare well!


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