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How to store winter tires properly until next season

With the arrival of spring, motorists traditionally need to replace winter tires with summer ones. And traditionally the question arises: how to properly store winter tires, so that by the next season it remains in good condition.

Here are eight valuable tips for proper tire storage.

We’ll start, perhaps, by removing the wheels. If the wheels will be stored on disks (which, by the way, is more preferable) and the rubber is directional, then it will not be superfluous to mark the rear and front axles. This can be done with the help of multi-colored caps on the spool, which you can buy there at the tire service or order in advance in the online store.

Next, we bring the wheels to the car wash. It is ideal when the sink is located in the neighborhood and you can immediately give the wheels away without wasting time. We wash thoroughly from dust, dirt and dry well.

It will not be superfluous to treat the rubber with a preservative after that.

The wheels that will be stored as an assembly are pumped up to normal pressure.

Next, it is worth packing the rubber in special bags. If the rubber remains on the stamped discs, then it is best not to seal the bags tightly, but leave an air flow to dry out possible condensation.

For storing tires with rims, there are several ways to arrange them correctly. It is best if the wheels hang on the wall, each wheel on its own hook. Another option, less correct, is to stack the wheels on top of each other. If there is no suitable place for hanging, then you can use the second method, but in this case, we recommend turning the wheels about once a month to avoid deformation.

If you have an idea to store tires separately from discs, we recommend placing them next to each other. Other methods can lead to deformation.

The storage area should be dry and slightly cool. Optimally 20 degrees Celsius. It is important that there are no fuels and lubricants, solvents and other objects near the wheels that can damage the rubber.

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