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Reasons to Pass SY0-501 Exam and Earn CompTIA Security+ Certification

Main Reasons to Pass SY0-501 Exam and Earn CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA SY0-501 is the exam you are required to pass in order to earn the CompTIA Security+ certification. This is a global credential that validates the minimum skills an individual must have to carry out core security tasks and make a career in Information Technology Security. If you are planning to pursue the CompTIA security certification path, Security+ is the primary credential you need to earn as a professional within the IT field. This certificate checks the core knowledge and skills needed for any cyber-security role. It is also a catalyst for getting many intermediate level jobs in cybersecurity. This credential incorporates essential best practices in standard hands-on experience. This can ensure that the professionals working in the security field will have the practical problem-solving skills needed to function optimally.

Thee specialists with this certification get what it takes to identify security incidents and, more importantly, to address them. It is important to mention that CompTIA Security+ is in compliance with the ISO 17024 standards and it has been approved by the United States DoD to meet the criteria of directive 8140-8570.01-M. There are specific skills that professionals preparing for this certificate must possess. These skills will be acquired in the course of studying for the exam. This is why it is highly recommended for the candidates planning to write this test to take some training course, which equips them with the skills they need to pass the exam and also to function effectively in real life scenarios. To receive more details, follow the link: https://certification.comptia.org/error/500?ref=1988.

Reasons to Pass SY0 501 Exam and Earn CompTIA Security+ Certification

What Skills Are to Be Learnt?

  • While preparing for the test, you must develop some core abilities to aid your exam success, as well as your job roles in the workplace. Below there are the specific skills that you must have to pass the SY0-501 exam.
  • Ability to detect threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities: Candidates taking this certification course will learn how to detect different types of compromise and be equipped with the knowledge of concepts of vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.
  • Capability to work with technologies and tools: Test takers will know how to install, deploy, and configure network components while troubleshooting and assessing issues for supporting organizational and corporate security.
  • Architect and Design: Professionals who earn this credential will be able to deploy secure network architecture theories along with systems design.
  • Identity and Access Management: Individuals with the certification will have the ability to configure and set up identity and access services, and management controls.
  • Risk Management: After going through the certification process, the candidate will be able to use and encapsulate the best practices in risk management and its business impact.
  • Cryptography and PKI: Professionals with this CompTIA certificate will manage to configure and set up wireless security environments and deploy PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).

How to Prepare for CompTIA SY0-501 Exam?

There are various resources that are available for the exam preparation. The resources include training courses, book materials, and practice tests. Many platforms online offer training courses to equip the candidates with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the exam. Top among these sites are Udemy, Kaplan IT Training, and PluralSight. To find the training course, click here: https://www.kaplanittraining.com/certification/comptia.

You can also access practice tests online through PrepAway, ExamCollection, Prep4Sure, and Exam-Labs. It is important to point out that many of these sites require that you pay subscription fees in order to access the resources on their platforms. To get some practice tests for preparing, follow the link: https://www.prepaway.biz/comptia-comptia-security-plus-certification-dumps.html.

Why Should You Consider CompTIA Security+ Certification?

As mentioned earlier, this certification is a globally recognized and respected credential and it is designed to equip professionals starting out in the world of cybersecurity with the skills and knowledge they need in their work. In addition to its ability to provide you with what you need to function in your job roles, there are some other reasons why you should consider obtaining this certificate, especially if you want to pursue a cybersecurity career path.

Performance-Based Certification

It is the only certification that validates core cybersecurity skills due to the performance-based questions in the exam. CompTIA Security+ accentuates the importance of hands-on experience and practical skills in preparation for its exam. The test mandates that professionals in the security field who want to earn the certification are fully prepared to solve real problems on a wide range of issues. There is basically no other certification that does this within its range of certifications.

Endorsed by the United States DoD

Among all the security certifications offered in the IT field, only the CompTIA Security+ credential is approved by the US DoD. Based on this seal of approval, many organizations seek out professionals with this certificate when recruiting for job positions. CompTIA Security+ has become a sought certification among professionals as well as hiring managers in the workplace.

Innovative Cybersecurity Certification

CompTIA Security+ is much focused on the latest techniques and trends in risk mitigation, risk management, intrusion detection, and threat management. If you want a certification that will always provide you with the latest update in the industry, the CompTIA credential is the choice for you.

Wide Job Portfolio

Earning the Security+ credential opens you up to amazing job opportunities. The professionals with the certification can get job roles as system administrators, security administrators, network administrators, junior IT auditors, and penetration testers. There are great potentials that come with earning this certification. The salary range is also attractive. According to payscale.com, the average salary of a professional with this certification is $71,000.


There are good reasons why many professionals are seriously pursuing certifications in the field of security. No doubt, security issues have become a major concern in organizations, so many companies are investing a fortune to mitigate the threats posed by these forces. The specialists who have appropriate skills and knowledge in security risk management and risk mitigation are in high demand in the workplace. If you want to chart a career path for yourself in the IT industry, you might want to consider the field of security as a very lucrative path.

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