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At a job where time is particularly scarce and organization is vital, your trip photography workflow may break or make your sanity in the road. I have spent five years on tour with musicians and bands, enhancing my workflow to be very efficient and effective as possible. The basic tenets of a fantastic workflow are fast archiving, timely & responsible picture shipping, and secure, organized backups. Having a great system in place, you need to have the ability to invest 22 hours of a day shooting, appreciating yourself, or sleep, and also an hour or two on your own computer doing the challenging part of your work. The more time you can allocate to enjoying or shooting your own life on tour, the more happier and more effective you are going to be at your job as a tour photographer. Your work may, and shouldyou feel as if you are traveling the world with your pals. Should you choose your workflow seriously for a very small chunk of time every day, the remainder of it will barely feel like work whatsoever. When setting out traveling for the first time, my workflow has been clearly of the trial-and-error variety that resulted in wasted time, bad habits, and reckless handling of photographs. Years of adventure traveling bars, clubs, and arenas all over the world have refined my workflow into what feels like Lightroom Concert Presets hu the best it could be at the moment. I enjoy sharing my workflow, and to get a market job just like ours, there are not many resources available to light the way for those just getting into it. The workflow must keep… even when there is no dressing room. (Photo by Eric Maldin) Among the most well-known posts I have ever made is that a workflow walkthrough from a few years back. I look back now and can not believe how much my process has enhanced… it feels irresponsible leaving up it, but the comments I still get to the day motivates me want to write this updated and vastly improved version of that article. I summarize what from pre-tour prep into my everyday workflow for my post-tour archiving, in as much detail as I can. If you have any questions relating to this post or my workflow, then do not hesitate to reach out [email protected] ComWhen you eventually leave on tour, timing becomes a rare resource. And even when you do have a few hours to spare, I still think you’d be mad to want to spend it in front of your computer rather than shooting, investigating new cities, or even hanging with your touring friends. Attempting to put the pre-production work and doing it on the fly generally Leads to cluttered file control, poor archiving, and risky storage methods

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