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Hello Aspirants! Looking for Current Affairs Today? Current Affairs and General Knowledge have become indispensable these days. We are glad you have already realized the importance of Current Affairs Today, instead of regretting later! All सरकारी नौकरी or Government Jobs will test your merit in General Knowledge Questions.

Therefore, the team at Govrecruitment have relentlessly compiled Current Affairs 2018, Today’s Current Affairs, GK Questions, सामान्य ज्ञान. You can find Latest News, International News, National News, Sports News, Business News, General Knowledge Quiz, Day to Day Current Affairs, Month- wise General Knowledge Questions, Daily Current Affairs Quiz, Today’s Current Affairs,  Monthly General Knowledge Updates on this page.

Current Affairs

Latest Current Affairs 2018, GK Question and Answers are updated daily. This page is specially created to help Government Job seekers preparing for Job Interviews, Competitive Examinations, PSU Jobs, Bank Jobs, Govt Jobs, State Govt Jobs, SSC Exam, UPSC Jobs etc.,  Some of you have asked us to include GK in Hindi. So, we started writing GK in Hindi on our page. So you can find सामान्य ज्ञान or Hindi GK right here. If you want to read Current Affairs in Hindi, let us know and we will see if we can provide Hindi Current Affairs for you.

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The motive of Govrecruitment is to provide you simplified job search options. We also believe that in order to get you सरकारी नौकरी or Government Jobs, you require lots of material like Syllabus, Previous Papers, Admit Cards, Results, Current Affairs and GK Today in a simplified way. We provide you high-quality content so that you can escape internet content pollution.

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Today Current Affairs  and General Knowledge Quiz October 2018

Date Current Affairs Updates General Knowledge Quiz
11th October 2018 11th October 2018 Current Affairs  11th October 2018 GK Questions Quiz
10th October 2018 10th October 2018 Current Affairs  10th October 2018 GK Questions Quiz
08th and 09th October 2018 08th and 09th October 2018 Current Affairs  08th and 09th October 2018 General Knowledge Question
07th October 2018 07th   October 2018 Current Affairs 07th October 2018 GK Questions
06th October 2018  06th October 2018 Current Affairs 06th October 2018 GK  Questions
05th October 2018  05th October 2018 Current Affairs 05th October 2018 General Knowledge Questions Quiz
03rd and 04th October 2018  4th October 2018 Current Affairs 04th and )3rd October 2018 GK Questions Quiz
2nd October 2018 2nd October 2018 Current Affairs 02nd October 2018 General Knowledge Quiz 

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz April 2018

Date Current Affairs Updates General Knowledge Quiz
2nd October 2018 2nd October 2018 Current Affairs
28th April 2018 28th April 2018 GK Questions
27th April 2018 27th April 2018 GK Questions
26th April 2018 26th April 2018 GK Questions
24th April 2018 24th April 2018 GK Questions
21st April 2018 21st April 2018 GK Questions
20th April 2018 20th April 2018 GK Questions
16th April 2018 16th April 2018 GK Questions
15th April 2018 15th April 2018 GK Questions
14th April 2018 14th April 2018 GK Questions
13th April 2018 13th April 2018 GK Questions
12th April 2018 12th April 2018 GK Questions
11th April 2018 11th April 2018 GK Questions
10th April 2018 10th April 2018 GK Questions
9th April 2018 9th April 2018 GK Questions
7th April 2018 7th April 2018 GK Questions
6th April 2018 6th April 2018 GK Questions
5th April 2018 5th April 2018 GK Questions
4th April 2018 4th April 2018 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz March 2018

Date Current Affairs Updates General Knowledge Quiz
30th March 2018 30th March 2018 GK Questions
29th March 2018 29th March 2018 GK Questions
28th March 2018 28th March 2018 GK Questions
27th March 2018 27th March 2018 GK Questions 
25th March 2018 25th March 2018 GK Questions
24th March 2018 24th March 2018 GK Questions 
23rd March 2018 23rd March 2018 GK Questions
22nd March 2018 22nd March 2018 GK Questions 
21st March 2018 21st March 2018 GK Questions 
18th March 2018 18th March 2018 GK Questions
17th March 2018 17th March 2018 GK Questions
16th March 2018 16th March 2018 GK Questions
15th March 2018 15th March 2018 GK Questions
14th March 2018 14th March 2018 GK Questions
11th March 2018 11th March 2018 GK Questions
10th March 2018 10th March 2018 GK Questions
9th March 2018 9th March 2018 GK Questions
8th March 2018 8th March 2018 GK Questions
7th March 2018 7th March 2018 GK Questions
6th March 2018 6th March 2018 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz February 2018

Date Current Affairs Updates General Knowledge Quiz
16th February 2018 16th February 2018 Current Affairs 16th February 2018 GK Questions
15th February 2018 15th February 2018 Current Affairs 15th February 2018 GK Questions
14th February 2018 14th February 2018 Current Affairs  14th February 2018 GK Questions
13th February 2018 13th February 2018 Current Affairs 13th February 2018 GK Questions
10th February 2018 10th February 2018 Current Affairs 10th February 2018 GK Questions
9th February 2018 9th February 2018 Current Affairs 9th February 2018 GK Questions
8th February 2018 8th February 2018 Current Affairs 8th February 2018 GK Questions
7th February 2018 7th February 2018 Current Affairs 7th February 2018 GK Questions
6th February 2018 6th February 2018 Current Affairs 6th February 2018 GK Questions
4th February 2018 4th February 2018 Current Affairs 4th February 2018 GK Questions
3rd February 2018  3rd February 2018 Current Affairs 3rd February 2018 GK Questions
2nd February 2018 2nd February 2018 Current Affairs 2nd February 2018 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz January 2018

Date Current Affairs Updates General Knowledge Quiz
31st January 2018 31st January 2018 Current Affairs 31st January 2018 GK Questions
30th January 2018 30th January 2018 Current Affairs 30th January 2018 GK Questions
28th January 2018 28th January 2018 Current Affairs 28th January 2018 GK Questions
27th January 2018 27th January 2018 Current Affairs
26th January 2018 26th January 2018 GK Questions
25th January 2018 25th January 2018 Current Affairs 25th January 2018 GK Questions
24th January 2018 24th January 2018 Current Affairs 24th January 2018 GK Questions
23rd January 2018 23rd January 2018 Current Affairs 23rd January 2018 GK Questions
21st January 2018 21st January 2018 Current Affairs 21st January 2018 GK Questions
20th January 2018 20th January 2018 Current Affairs 20th January 2018 GK Questions
19th January 2018 19th January 2018 Current Affairs 19th January 2018 GK Questions
18th January 2018 18th January 2018 Current Affairs 18th January 2018 GK Questions
17th January 2018  17th January 2018 Current Affairs 17th January 2018 GK Questions
14th January 2018 14th January 2018 Current Affairs 14th January 2018 GK Questions
13th January 2018 13th January 2018 Current Affairs 13th January 2018 GK Questions
12th January 2018 12th January 2018 Current Affairs 12th January 2018 GK Questions
11th January 2018 11th January 2018 Current Affairs 11th January 2018 GK Questions
10th January 2018 10th January 2018 Current Affairs 10th January 2018 GK Questions
07th January 2018 07th January 2018 Current Affairs 07th January 2018 GK Questions
06th January 2018 06th January 2018 Current Affairs 06th January 2018 GK Questions
05th January 2018 05th January 2018 Current Affairs 05th January 2018 GK Questions
04th January 2018 04th January 2018 Current Affairs 04th January 2018 GK Questions
03rd January 2018 03rd January 2018 Current Affairs 03rd January 2018 GK Questions