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Hello Aspirants! Current Affairs and General Knowledge have become indispensable these days. We are glad you have already realized the importance of Current Affairs Today, instead of regretting later! All सरकारी नौकरी or Government Jobs will test your merit in General Knowledge Questions. 

Therefore, the team at Govrecruitment have relentlessly compiled Current Affairs 2018, Today’s Current Affairs, GK Questions, सामान्य ज्ञान. You can find Latest News, International News, National News, Sports News, Business News, General Knowledge Quiz, Day to Day Current Affairs, Month- wise General Knowledge Questions, Daily Current Affairs Quiz, Today’s Current Affairs,  Monthly General Knowledge Updates on this page.

Current Affairs

Latest Current Affairs 2018, GK Question and Answers are updated daily. This page is specially created to help Government Job seekers preparing for Job Interviews, Competitive Examinations, PSU Jobs, Bank Jobs, Govt Jobs, State Govt Jobs, SSC Exam, UPSC Jobs etc.,  Some of you have asked us to include GK in Hindi. So, we started writing GK in Hindi on our page. So you can find सामान्य ज्ञान or Hindi GK right here. If you want to read Current Affairs in Hindi, let us know and we will see if we can provide Hindi Current Affairs for you.

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The motive of Govrecruitment is to provide you simplified job search options. We also believe that in order to get you सरकारी नौकरी or Government Jobs, you require lots of material like Syllabus, Previous Papers, Admit Cards, Results, Current Affairs and GK Today in a simplified way. We provide you high-quality content so that you can escape internet content pollution.

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Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz January 2018

DateCurrent Affairs UpdatesGeneral Knowledge Quiz
24th January 201824th January 2018 Current Affairs24th January 2018 GK Questions
23rd January 201823rd January 2018 Current Affairs23rd January 2018 GK Questions
21st January 201821st January 2018 Current Affairs21st January 2018 GK Questions
20th January 201820th January 2018 Current Affairs20th January 2018 GK Questions
19th January 201819th January 2018 Current Affairs19th January 2018 GK Questions
18th January 201818th January 2018 Current Affairs18th January 2018 GK Questions
17th January 2018 17th January 2018 Current Affairs17th January 2018 GK Questions
14th January 201814th January 2018 Current Affairs14th January 2018 GK Questions
13th January 201813th January 2018 Current Affairs13th January 2018 GK Questions
12th January 201812th January 2018 Current Affairs12th January 2018 GK Questions
11th January 201811th January 2018 Current Affairs11th January 2018 GK Questions
10th January 201810th January 2018 Current Affairs10th January 2018 GK Questions
07th January 201807th January 2018 Current Affairs07th January 2018 GK Questions
06th January 201806th January 2018 Current Affairs06th January 2018 GK Questions
05th January 201805th January 2018 Current Affairs05th January 2018 GK Questions
04th January 201804th January 2018 Current Affairs04th January 2018 GK Questions
03rd January 201803rd January 2018 Current Affairs03rd January 2018 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz December 2017  

DateCurrent Affairs UpdatesGeneral Knowledge Quiz
31st December 201731st December 2017 Current Affairs31st December 2017 GK Questions
30th December 201730th December 2017 Current Affairs30th December 2017 GK Questions
29th December 201729th December 2017 Current Affairs29th December 2017 GK Questions
28th December 201728th December 2017 Current Affairs28th December 2017 GK Questions
27th December 201727th December 2017 Current Affairs27th December 2017 GK Questions
24th December 201724th December 2017 Current Affairs24th December 2017 GK Questions
23rd December 201723rd December 2017 Current Affairs23rd December 2017 GK Questions 
22nd December 201722nd December 2017 Current Affairs22nd December 2017 GK Questions
21st December 2017 21st December 2017 Current Affairs 21st December 2017 GK Questions
20th December 201720th December 2017 Current Affairs20th December 2017 GK Questions
19th December 201719th December 2017 Current Affairs19th December 2017 GK Questions
17th December 201717th December 2017 Current Affairs17th December 2017 GK Questions
16th December 201716th December 2017 Current Affairs16th December 2017 GK Questions
15th December 201715th December 2017 Current Affairs15th December 2017 GK Questions
14th December 201714th December 2017 Current Affairs14th Decembre 2017 GK Questions
9th December 20179th December 2017 GK Questions
08th December 2017 –08th December 2017 GK Questions
07th December 2017 – 07th December 2017 GK Questions
06th December 2017 –06th December 2017 GK Questions
05th December 2017 –05th December 2017 GK Questions
03rd December 2017 –03rd December 2017 GK Questions
02nd December 2017 –02nd December 2017 GK Questions
01st December 2017 –01st December 2017 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz November 2017  

DateCurrent Affairs UpdatesGeneral Knowledge Quiz
30th November 2017 –30th November 2017 GK Questions
29th November 2017 –29th November 2017 GK Questions
28th November 2017 28th November 2017 Current Affairs28th November 2017 GK Questions
23rd November 201723rd November 2017 Current Affairs23rd November 2017 GK Questions
22nd November 201722nd November 2017 GK Questions
19th November 2017 19th November 2017 Current Affairs19th November 2017 GK Questions
18th November 2017 18th November 2017 GK Questions
17th November 2017 17th November 2017 Current Affairs17th November 2017 GK Questions
16th November 201716th November 2017 Current Affairs16th November 2017 GK Questions
12th November 201712th November 2017 Current Affairs12th November 2017 GK Questions
11th November 2017 11th November 2017 Current Affairs11th November 2017 GK Questions
08th November 2017 08th November 2017 GK Questions
07th November 2017 07th November 2017 GK Questions
04th November 2017 –04th November 2017 GK Questions
03rd November 2017 –03rd November 2017 GK Questions
02nd November 201702nd November 2017 Current Affairs02nd November 2017 GK Questions
01st November 201701st  November 2017 Current Affairs01st November 2017 GK Questions 

Latest Current Affairs & General Knowledge Quiz Questions

Check Monthly Updates of Current Affairs from here. By Knowing Day to Day Current Affairs in India, one can get Knowledge about what is happening in the Nation. In any Competitive Exam Or Interview, there will definitely be a Test of Current Affairs of National & International Updates. Today Current  Affairs are updated here daily on our website.

General Knowledge Current Affairs Quiz – GK Quiz Questions

Are you in Search of Latest Current Affairs of News, General Awareness, Technology, Science, Sports, Education, Entertainment? Then, you can have Latest General Knowledge (GK)Updates here. We Provide Daily Current Affair Questions in this Article. This Page contains Latest GK updates with the explanation.

GK Topics consist of the currency of all countries, important Dates, capitals of cities, State & countries, Governers, Presidents, Chief Ministers, Prime Ministers, hosting countries, Indian History, About the Books, and Inventions, & other Related topics. General Knowledge Questions are not only asked in Competitive Examinations but also in Interviews of Campus and Other Corporate Companies.

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Last Month’s Current Affairs for Competitive Examinations

Applicants can also check Daily Current Affairs, Latest GK Questions on this website. Here we are also updating General Awareness Topics about National & International Updates. Daily Current Affairs covers all topics of Employment, Business,  Crime, Technology, & so on. We can take Daily Current Affairs information from TV, Newspapers & some other sources. But it will take so much time to gather Latest Current Affairs & GK updates. We are here to give all information regarding Latest GK News around the World. You can easily get Recent Current Affair Updates from this website. Not only Latest General Knowledge updates but also you can take GK quiz on those updates which are provided here.

Day To Day Current Affairs Updates – General Awareness

Candidates must have General awareness about GK, Latest Current GK Questions apart from Educational Qualifications to crack any Competitive Exam/ Central Government Jobs/ State Government Jobs in any Sector. Many People do not have exact idea about the importance of Current Affairs and General Awareness.

Nowadays knowing Current Affairs updates through Internet has become quite common. We can gather Information about Latest GK Updates within seconds. But, the quality of content can’t be compromised. Candidates who are Preparing for Competitive Examinations or Govt Jobs or planning to attend any Interview should know Current Affairs, National, and International News.

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz October 2017 

31st October 201731st October 2017 Current Affairs31st October 2017 GK Questions
29th October 201729th October 2017 Current Affairs29th October 2017 GK Questions
28th October 2017 28th October 2017 Current Affairs28th October 2017 GK Questions
27th October 201727th October 2017 Current Affairs27th October 2017 GK Questions
26th October 201726th October 2017 Current Affairs26th October 2017 GK Questions
25th October 201725th October 2017 Current Affairs25th October 2017 GK Questions
24th October 201724th October 2017 Current Affairs24th October 2017 GK Questions
22nd October 201722nd October 2017 Current Affairs22nd October 2017 GK Questions
21st October 201721st October 2017 Current Affairs21st October 2017 GK Questions
20th October 201720th October 2017 GK Questions
19th October 201719th October 2017 Current Affairs19th October 2017 GK Questions
18th October 201718th October 2017 Current Affairs18th October 2017 GK Questions
17th October 201717th October 2017 Current Affairs17th October 2017 GK Questions
15th October 2017 –15th October 2017 GK Questions
14th October 201714th October 2017 Current Affairs14th October 2017 GK Questions
13th October 201713th October 2017 Current Affairs13th October 2017 GK Questions
12th October 201712th October 2017 Current Affairs12th October 2017 GK Questions
11th October 201711th October 2017 Current Affairs11th October 2017 GK Questions
10th October 201710th October 2017 Current Affairs10th October 2017 GK Questions
08th October 2017 08th October 2017 Current Affairs08th October 2017 GK Questions
07th October 2017 07th October 2017 Current Affairs07th October 2017 GK Questions
06th October 2017 06th October 2017 Current Affairs06th October 2017 GK Questions
05th October 201705th October 2017 Current Affairs05th October 2017 GK Questions
04th October 201704th October 2017 Current Affairs 04th October 2017 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz September 2017 

DateCurrent Affairs UpdatesGeneral Knowledge Quiz
29th September 201729th September 2017 Current Affairs29th September 2017 GK Questions
28th September 201728th September 2017 Current Affairs
27th September 2017 27th September 2017 Current Affairs27th September 2017 GK Questions
26th September 2017 26th September 2017 Current Affairs26th September 2017 GK Questions
24th September 201724th September 2017 Current Affairs24th September 2017 GK Questions
23rd September 2017 23rd September 2017 Current Affairs23rd September 2017 GK Questions
22nd September 2017 22nd September 2017 Current Affairs22nd September 2017 GK Questions
21st September 2017 21st September 2017 Current Affairs21st September 2017 GK Questions
20th September 2017 20th September 2017 Current Affairs20th September 2017 GK Questions
17th September 201717th September 2017 Current Affairs –
16th September 201716th September 2017 Current Affairs –
15th September 2017 15th September 2017 Current Affairs15th September 2017 GK Questions
14th September 2017 14th September 2017 Current Affairs14th September 2017 GK Questions
13th September 2017 13th September 2017 Current Affairs13th September 2017 GK Questions
12th September 2017 12th September 2017 Current Affairs12th September 2017 GK Questions
10th September 2017 –10th September 2017 GK Questions
09th September 2017 09th September 2017 Current Affairs  –
08th September 2017 08th September 2017 Current Affairs08th September 2017 GK Questions
07th September 2017 07th September 2017 Current Affairs07th September 2017 GK Questions
06th September 2017 06th September 2017 Current Affairs06th September 2017 GK Questions
05th September 2017 05th September 2017 Current Affairs05th September 2017 GK Questions
02nd September 201702nd September 2017 Current Affairs 02nd September 2017 GK Questions
01st September 201701st September 2017 Current Affairs01st September 2017 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz August 2017 

DateCurrent Affairs UpdatesGeneral Knowledge Quiz
31st August 201731st August 2017 Current Affairs31st August 2017 GK Questions 
30th August 201730th August 2017 Current Affairs30th August 2017 GK Questions 
29th August 2017 29th August 2017 Current Affairs29th August 2017 GK Questions
27th August 201727th August 2017 Current Affairs27th August 2017 GK Questions
25th August 201725th August 2017 Current Affairs25th August 2017 GK Questions
24th August 201724th August 2017 Current Affairs24th August 2017 GK Questions
23rd August 2017 23rd August 2017 Current Affairs23rd August 2017 GK Questions
22nd August 2017 22nd August 2017 Current Affairs22nd August 2017 GK Questions
20th August 2017 20th August 2017 Current Affairs20th August 2017 GK Questions
19th August 201719th August 2017 Current Affairs19th August 2017 GK Questions
18th August 2017 18th August 2017 Current Affairs18th August 2017 GK Questions
17th August 201717th August 2017  Current Affairs 17th August 2017 GK Questions
15th August 201715th August 2017  Current Affairs 15h August 2017 GK Questions
13th August 201713th August 2017 Current Affairs13th August 2017 GK Questions
12th August 2017 12th August 2017 Current Affairs12th August 2017 GK Questions
11th August 201711th August 2017 Current Affairs11th August 2017 GK Questions
10th August 201710th August 2017 Current Affairs10th August 2017 GK Questions
09th August 201709th August 2017 Current Affairs09th August 2017 GK Questions
08th August 2017 08th August 2017 Current Affairs08th August 2017 GK Questions
06th August 201706th August 2017 Current Affairs06th August 2017 GK Questions 
05th August 2017 05th August 2017 Current Affairs05th August 2017 GK Questions
04th August 2017 04th August 2017 Current Affairs04th August 2017 GK Questions
03rd August 2017 03rd August 2017 Current Affairs03rd August 2017 GK Questions 
02nd August 201702nd August 2017 Current Affairs02nd August 2017 GK Questions
01st August 201701st August 2017 Current Affairs01st August 2017 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz July 2017 

DateCurrent Affairs UpdatesGeneral Knowledge Quiz
30th July 2017 30th July 2017 Current Affairs30th July 2017 GK Questions
29th July 2017 29th July 2017 Current Affairs29th July 2017 GK Questions
28th July 201728th July 2017 Current Affairs28th July 2017 GK Questions
27th July 2017 27th July 2017 Current Affairs27th July 2017 GK Questions
26th July 201726th July 2017 Current Affairs26th July 2017 GK Questions
25th July 2017 25th July 2017 Current Affairs25th July 2017 GK Questions
23rd July 2017 23rd July 2017 Current Affairs23rd July 2017 GK Questions
22nd July 201722nd July 2017 Current Affairs22nd July 2017 GK Questions
21st July 201721st July 2017 Current Affairs 
20th July 2017 20th July 2017 Current Affairs20th July 2017 GK Questions
19th July 201719th July 2017 Current Affairs19th July 2017 GK Questions
18th July 2017 18th July 2017 Current Affairs18th July 2017 GK Questions
15th July 2017 15th July 2017 Current Affairs15th July 2017 GK Questions
14th July 201714th July 2017 Current Affairs14th July 2017 GK Questions
13th July 201713th July 2017 Current Affairs13th July 2017 GK Questions
12th July 2017 12th July 2017 GK Questions
11th July 2017 11th July 2017 Current Affairs11th July 2017 GK Questions
09th July 2017 09th July 2017 Current Affairs09th July 2017 GK Questions
08th July 201708th July 2017 Current Affairs08th July 2017 GK Questions
07th July 201707th July 2017 Current Affairs 
06th July 201706th July 2017 Current Affairs06th July 2017 GK Questions
05th July 201705th July 2017 Current Affairs05th July 2017 GK Questions
04th July 201704th July 2017 Current Affairs04th July 2017 GK Questions
02nd July 201702nd July 2017 Current Affairs 
01st July 2017 01st July 2017 Current Affairs01st July 2017 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz June 2017 

DateCurrent Affairs UpdatesGeneral Knowledge Quiz
30th June 2017 30th June 2017 Current Affairs 30th June 2017 GK Questions
29th June 201729th June 2017 Current Affairs –
28th June 201728th June 2017 Current Affairs28th June 2017 GK Questions
25th June 201725th June 2017 Current Affairs25th June 2017 GK Questions
24th June 2017 24th June 2017 Current Affairs24th June 2017 GK Questions
23rd June 201723rd June 2017 Current Affairs23rd June 2017 GK Questions
22nd June 201722nd June 2017 Current Affairs22nd June 2017 GK Questions
21st June 201721st June 2017 Current Affairs21st June 2017 GK Questions
20th June 201720th June 2017 Current Affairs 20th June 2017 GK Questions
18th June 201718th June 2017 Current Affairs18th June 2017 GK Questions 
17th June 201717th June 2017 Current Affairs 17th June 2017 GK Questions
16th June 2017 16th June 2017 Current Affairs16th June 2017 GK Questions
15th June 201715th June 2017 Current Affairs15th June 2017 GK Questions
14th June 201714th June 2017 Current Affairs14th June 2017 GK Questions 
13th June 201713th June 2017 Current Affairs13th June 2017 GK Questions 
11th June 201711th June 2017  Current Affairs11th June 2017 GK Questions
10th June 201710th June 2017 Current Affairs10th June 2017 GK Questions
09th June 201709th June 2017 Current Affairs09th June 2017 GK Questions
08th June 201708th June 2017 Current Affairs08th June 2017 GK Questions
07th June 201707th June 2017 Current Affairs 07th June 2017 GK Questions
06th June 201706th June 2017 Current Affairs06th June 2017 GK Questions
04th June 201704th June 2017 Current Affairs04th June 2017 GK Questions
03rd June 201703rd June 2017 Current Affairs03rd June 2017 GK Questions
02nd June 2017 02nd June 2017 Current Affairs 02nd June 2017 GK Questions
01st June 201701st June 2017 Current Affairs01st June 2017 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz May 2017 

DateCurrent Affairs UpdatesGeneral Knowledge Quiz
31st May 201731st May 2017 Current Affairs31st May 2017 GK Questions
30th May 201730th May 2017 Current Affairs30th May 2017 GK Questions
28th May 201728th May 2017 Current Affairs 28th May 2017 GK Questions
27th May 201727th May 2017 Current Affairs 27th May 2017 GK Questions
26th May 201726th May 2017 Current Affairs26th May 2017 GK Questions
25th May 201725th May 2017 Current Affairs25th May 2017 GK Questions
24th May 201724th May 2017 Current Affairs24th May 2017 GK Questions
23rd May 201723rd May 2017 Current Affairs23rd May 2017 GK Questions
21st May 201721st May 2017 Current Affairs21st May 2017 GK Questions
20th May 201720th May 2017 Current Affairs20th May 2017 GK Questions
19th May 201719th May 2017 Current Affairs19th May 2017 GK Questions
18th May 201718th May 2017 Current Affairs18th May 2017 GK Questions
17th May 2017 17th May 2017 Current Affairs17th May 2017 GK Questions
16th May 2017 16th May 2017 Current Affairs16th May 2017 GK Questions
14th May 201714th May 2017 Current Affairs14th May 2017 GK Questions
13th May 2017 13th May 2017 Current Affairs13th May 2017 GK Questions
06th May 201706th May 2017 Current Affairs06th May 2017 GK Questions
05th May 2017 05th May 2017 Current Affairs05th May 2017 GK Questions
04th May 201704th May 2017 Current Affairs04th May 2017 GK Questions 
03rd May 201703rd May 2017 Current Affairs03rd May 2017 GK Questions
02nd May 2017 02nd May 2017 Current Affairs02nd May 2017 GK Questions

Current Affairs Today and General Knowledge Quiz April 2017

30th April 201730th April 2017 Current Affairs30th April 2017 GK Questions
29th April 201729th April 2017 Current Affairs29th April 2017 GK Questions
28th April 201728th April 2017 Current Affairs28th April 2017 GK Questions
27th April 2017 27th April 2017 Current Affairs27th April 2017 GK Questions
26th April 201726th April 2017 Current Affairs26th April 2017 GK Questions
25th April 201725th April 2017 Current Affairs25th April 2017 GK Questions
23rd April 201723rd April 2017 Current Affairs23rd April 2017 GK Questions
22nd April 201722nd April 2017 Current Affairs22nd April 2017 GK Questions
21st April 2017 21st April 2017 Current Affairs21st April 2017 GK Questions
20th April 201720th April 2017 Current Affairs20th April 2017 GK Questions
19th April 201719th April 2017 Current Affairs19th April 2017 GK Questions 
18th April 201718th April 2017 Current Affairs 18th April 2017 GK Questions
16th April 201716th April 2017 Current Affairs16th April 2017 GK Questions
15th April 201715th April 2017 Current Affairs15th April 2017 GK Questions
14th April 201714th April 2017 Current Affairs14th April 2017 GK Questions
13th April 201713th April 2017 Current Affairs 13th April 2017 GK Question
12th April 201712th April 2017 Current Affairs12th April 2017 GK Questions
11th April 201711th April 2017 Current Affairs 11th April 2017 GK Questions
09th April 201709th April 2017 Current Affairs09th April 2017 GK Questions 
08th April 201708th April 2017 Current Affairs08th April 2017 GK Questions
07th April 201707th April 2017 Current Affairs07th April 2017 GK Questions
06th April 20176th April 2017 Current Affairs06th April 2017 GK Questions
05th April 20175th April 2017 Current Affairs05th April 2017 GK Questions
04th Aril 20174th April 2017 Current Affairs04th April 2017 GK Questions
2nd April 20172nd April 2017 Current Affairs02nd April 2017 GK Questions 
01st April 20171st April 2017 Current Affairs01st April 2017 GK Questions