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25th January 2017 GK Questions – Get Day to Day Current Affairs GK Quiz, To Day General Knowledge Questions and Answers

25th January 2017 GK Questions 

25th January 2017 GK Questions & Answers had Uploaded here. Applicants of Government Jobs or any Defence Jobs, Bank Jobs will first of all Tested in the Current Affairs and Latest Current Affairs. Competitors can know the Current Affairs and Day to Day GK Questions and Answers,  25th January 2017 GK Questions from here. Practice the Latest Day To Day GK Questions Quiz to get an Idea about the Current Happenings Around the worldwide. Aspirants who are Preparing for the Latest Government Jobs Examinations like PSU, SSC, Competitive Examinations should have Clear Idea about the Latest General Knowledge Questions that happening around the National and International wide.

Today General Knowledge Quiz | 25th January 2017 GK Questions

Here we are giving the Today Current Affairs and 25th January 2017 GK Questions on this Article.  25th January 2017 GK Questions have been updated here regularly. Applicants can practice the Latest Current Affairs GK Questions Quiz Daily Updates around the National and International wide.

Current Affairs General Knowledge Questions 

Q.1. Who will become the first Indian-American to serve on a Cabinet-rank position in any presidential administration.

  1. Ajit Pai

Q.2 Who became the fastest cricketer to score 1000 runs as ODI captain

  1. AB de Villiers
  2. Kane Williamson
  3. Virat Kohli
  4. Alastair Cook
Q.3 Which company is going to launch its on-demand food delivery app UberEATS in India.

Q.4 Which country has approved Presidential Rule Paving Way for Referendum

Q.5 Who has been appointed as the Chairman of the Eastern India Regional Council of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)


Q.6 Who has been appointed as the brand ambassador of Kings XI Punjab

Q.7 Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was awarded the first ever Hugo Chavez Prize for Peace and Sovereignty by which personality

Q.8 Which state has launched the ‘Chief Minister’s Award’ for Performing Districts in Cashless Transaction
Q.9 Which country has built the world’s biggest solar park
Q.10 Which telecom operator will invest Rs 3,000 crore in West Bengal over the next three years.


Questions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Answers 4 3 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Latest Current Affairs General Knowledge Questions

Q.1) Steel minister Birender Singh has inaugurated a new Rs 1200-crore Universal Rail Mill in which steel plant

Answers: 3

Q.2) The Draft National Steel Policy 2017 was released to replace the ________

Answers: 4.

Q.3) As per a Union Cabinet’s decision, which of these institutes would be declared as Institutions of National Importance

Answers: 1

Q.4) Which state became the first state in the country to opt for electronic transmission of postal ballots to service voters in the upcoming assembly polls

Answers: 4

Q.5) Which committee has submitted its 4 volume report on changes in FRBM Act, 2013 to the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Answers: 4.

25th January 2017 GK Questions | Latest Current Affairs Quiz

Q.6) Which country has rejected an informal attempt of European Union (EU) and Canada to work towards a global investment agreement at World Trade Organisation (WTO)-level.

Answers: 4.

Q.7) US President Donald Trump signed an executive order to formally pull US out of the negotiating process of the TPP.What does stands for TPP

Answers: 3

Q.8) The Union Cabinet gave its post-facto approval to a series of decisions related to which bank

Answers: 4.

Q.9) Which of the following Indian-origin Prime Minister has resigned as the Prime Minister of Mauritius

Answers: 1

Q.10) What is the theme for the 2017 National Girl Child Day

  2. No Girl Left Behind: Unlocking Data to Power the Girls’ Rights Movement

Answers: 2

Day to Day 25th January 2017 GK Questions

Q.1) The National Girl Child Day was observed on which date

Answers: 4

Q.2) Which of the following finance organization will implement the Varishtha Pension Bima Yojana 2017 


 Answers: 4

Q.3) The World Economic Forum (WEF) and which institute has entered into a partnership to protect world’s USD 2.5 trillion ocean economy
  1. University of Cambridge

 Answers: 1

Q.4) According to the 2017 UNWESP Report, India’s economic growth is projected to reach _______ per cent in the Financial Year (FY) 2017 and 7.6 per cent in FY 2018 amid strong private consumption
  1. 7.7

Answers: 4

Q.5) Which ministry has launched the Rubber Soil Information System (RubSIS) for rubber growers

  1. Ministry of Water Resources

Answers: 1

Q.6) Which of the following state assembly passed a Bill amending the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 unanimously.

 Answers: 1

Q.7) Which country has launched a 10-year-plan that seeks to cut its reliance on vegetable imports from India

  1. Bangladesh

 Answers: 4

Q.8) The National Voters’ Day is celebrated on which date in India? 

  1. January 26
  2. 25th January
  3. January 24
  4. January 23

Answer: 2

Q.9)  Transportation app Uber will soon launch its on-demand food delivery app ______ in the Indian market.

  1. UberFOOD
  2. UberEATS
  3. UberLUNCH
  4. UberBOX

Answer: 2

Q.10) Name the former PepsiCo executive who has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer(COO) of Ola?

  1. Vishal Kaul
  2. Manish Bahti
  3. Dinesh Bhagwa
  4. Devendra Geol

Answer: 1

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